Chain cutter

An easy-to-use chain cutter is a must for car shops and for cleaning and replacing chains yourself at home. A good chain cutter will more easily align the pins and be more ergonomic. The lever arm is moderate and the pins can be easily driven. For the technicians in the car shop, because of the need to repair various speed cars, the compatibility of speed is also a part that must be considered. What about other? Need to turn the screw occasionally? Ejector or baffle is broken and should be easily replaced? What other requirements do you have for a good, full-featured chain cutter?

Today I want to recommend this chain cutter to everyone, it can be said that I have used the best chain cutter. Don't blow it up, this super-b's TB-CC66 really changed my view on his chain cutter. Recently, if a fan asked to recommend it, I would also recommend this one. If it works, you can ask someone who bought it.

Friends who often watch my show should know that most of my tools are super-b, but for the chain cutter, some old models of the past did not do well enough. I have used two before and after, although neither I used it badly, but for many people who don't like to read the manual, misoperation can be regarded as a flaw in the design. Among them, the bezels of the old CC60 and CC50 are extremely fragile. The two-piece design makes many whites use the wrong, completely making the tool scrap. I have two broken tools in my hand.

Later, an upgraded model of CC65 came out. I also bought this one, and I have been using it. The single-speed to 11-speed universal type has a wooden handle. The shape is also very good. Easy to break, although it can be replaced, this is not a reason to break easily. Secondly, the lever arm is too long, and it is difficult to operate in some small places. Then there is no spare thimble, and the wooden handle is stained with oil, which is ugly and not easy to clean. If you can accept the above disadvantages, this chain beater is also a good choice.

As for the other CC series chain cutters, I will not describe them more. You can look at the structure. From CC20, CC30 to CC40, each one is an integrated, non-replaceable bezel. Once it is broken, it is Scrap directly. The speed support is not very comprehensive. Although it supports 10-speed models, 11-speed can be used normally after testing, but after all, it is not dedicated, and no one can guarantee that it will be used. Therefore, for the special period of 11-speed to 12-speed, a 12-speed chain cutter is also very necessary.

I have said so many shortcomings above, and I have to talk about the main character CC66 today, which is also the latest in the CC series. In a word, you can think of it all, which is why I recommend it.

First of all, the appearance is very design. The handle is round and cast in one piece. The toolbar on the side is the representative color of super-b: orange. The length of the downward length of the lever arm is also more compact when stored. The weight is 246g, which belongs to the middle-to-upper standard among similar products and is relatively heavy. However, considering that many small tools are hidden inside, the actual weight of the unit is ok. The key is that the weight is very textured, and it will give you a solid feeling when you don't need it.

                                                            The chain guide is stiff enough and can be replaced

The chain can be positioned with a push and release, and this design can also adapt to more speeds

In case of broken, there are patches to replace
After talking about appearance, talk about features. As a chain-cutting device, of course, the function of chain-cutting must be used first. This time CC66 has a shame before it. It has upgraded and improved all the disadvantages I mentioned above. The first is that the baffle of the positioning chain is replaced with a harder steel material this time, and it is detachable. It can be fixed by pushing and releasing, which is very convenient. You can't use it wrong without reading the manual.

Standard with three chain pins, full of sincerity

Hook chain device is very convenient when disassembling and assembling the chain

There is no need to buy it separately now.

Stow away when not in use, greatly reducing the risk of loss

Then there is the pin of the top chain. In addition to its own, two spare parts are also provided in the toolbar, which means that there are three, which can be said to be full of sincerity. Another surprise is the hook device placed on the lever arm. For the previous chain cutter, you also have to buy the hook device to use it. Of course you can work without it, but it will inevitably cause trouble. For example, when the chain is ejected sharply when being disassembled, it is easy to hurt the frame and the technician. If it is not installed, it is more difficult to locate the pins and it is easy to knock off. So this time there is a simple hook device directly on the chain cutter, and each time it is used up, it is directly put on, which also reduces the risk of loss.

Don't look at only one side, but the arms are not short at all

Can also be used more conveniently in tight spaces

In terms of specific use, although the lever arm only retains one side, fortunately, it is long enough and there is no discomfort. It is still easy to hit the pin and it is easier to operate in a narrow space.

The tools in the orange toolbar on the handle include several commonly used batch heads

Finally, it was a surprise. In addition to its main function of "cutting the chain", there are several additional commonly used screwdriver bits in the toolbar, including 3, 4, 5mm hexagonal screwdriver bits, a T25 screwdriver bit And a Philips-style Phillips screwdriver bit.

It ’s really good to really use it to force things, and the emergency is enough
There are magnets in the fixing hole at the bottom for easy positioning and fixing, and the details are very good

Do n’t say it ’s useless, because sometimes it ’s really hard to find tools when you are busy, especially for some large stores where several technicians are working outside, it is very convenient to take this as an emergency. It's the same at home. An extra tool of the same model will always be useful. Also in actual use, the screwdriver head can be directly placed on the bottom of the chain cutter grip, with a magnet inside to prevent it from falling off. In actual use, it can basically cope with most operations, such as adjusting the angle of the seat, tightening the handle screws and so on. Of course, for carbon fiber accessories, it is still more recommended to use a torque wrench.

All in all, the latest model of the super-BCC series chain cutter is really full of sincerity, and I can't put it down. It is also the main tool of my chain cutter, and the other few can also retire early. It has almost all the qualities that a chain cutter should have, and it also adds some small surprises. As a loyal user of the super-b tool, I sincerely hope that the tool can be better and better in the future, and more and more meet the needs of users. Alright, that's it for today. We will see you next time. Bike base mechanics will bring you more novel, fun, fun and practical bicycle knowledge every day.