When to change disc brakes

In racing competitions, driving fast is not the most important, and skilled use of brakes is even more important. This sentence is the same in mountain bike races
Applicable, if you can only blindly quickly, out of control will be inevitable. Disc brakes are now all mountain
The car comes standard and quickly spreads to other models. And the disc brakes that are about safety make the film a bit strange for many novices.
Health, I have more than once replaced others with the iron slag grinder. And more than once was asked, I am Brand brakes, what should I use to make films, etc.,
so today we will briefly introduce the content of this Content.

First of all, you need to know when you need to change the order, because this is directly related to the safety of your riding. generally
Next, many people will use their voices to determine when they need to be replaced. But the consequence of this is often to make the brake pads on the film have been
After the wear and tear exceeds the standard, you only need to replace it. Not only is this unsafe, but most of the time, the discs will wear out too much.

                                                           Screw fixed Brake Pad

                                                        Metal pin fixed Brake Pad

So, my suggestion is to lie down and observe the brake block on the brake pad every other period of time, especially after riding in a relatively bad environment. Generally speaking, when the wear is more than 1 / 2, you need to consider replacing it.

Because the shape of lailing disc will be different due to the different design of disc brake calipers and different marketing strategies between brands, there will be a lot of shapes, even the same brand will have different lailing discs due to different models and ages. However, the good news is that the removal of the plate is very simple, either fixed by screws or fixed by metal pins. So before buying, it's safest to take down the old ones and buy them according to their shapes.

Well, when you come to this point, you know what you need to make a movie, but the problem comes again. What material did you buy? On the surface, the back plate of the film is made of metal, more advanced aluminum and gold, and some steel for entry. But the brakes are not all metal.

The brake pads of the pads can be roughly divided into two categories: metal materials and resin materials.

The so-called resin to make the film is also the most common on the market. Because the material is relatively soft and made of metal fibers and resin, the advantage is that the running-in time is short, the initial feedback is obvious, and howling is not easy. However, heat transfer is poor, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that the heat will not be conducted to the caliper too much, but it will also cause heat decay earlier.
Reduced, and crystallization will occur due to high temperature. Other disadvantages are that because the material is soft, it will wear faster. For harsh environments, such as wet, rainy, and muddy environments, the braking force is weak.

The second category is metal. Metal to make the sheet from copper or other softer metals by high temperature and high pressure firing. Therefore, compared with the resin to make the film, the hardness will be higher, and the durability is better, especially in the harsh environment of muddy, wet and rainy, can still maintain excellent braking performance. However, the disadvantages are also obvious. The material is harder, so it runs in.
The period will be longer, and the braking force will be weaker in the initial use. In addition, the heat conduction capacity is stronger, and more heat will be transferred to the caliper, which may cause the oil temperature to rise and affect the service life of the caliper; What's more, the wear on the disc brake rotor will be more than the resin. It should be noted that some discs will clearly indicate that it is not suitable to use metal to make the disc, so in also pay attention when buying.