Hope's dual-handle hydraulic brakes

Recently, British bicycle accessories manufacturer Hope has added a novelty product to their hydraulic brake product series. One outside
Strangely shaped brake levers, two brake levers one long and one short, like sticking two traditional brake levers back to back together.
But why is this? Why do you need such a design?

Probably the easiest to think of is that such a brake lever can provide a new option for the disabled, and there are more options

Prior to this, some companies also introduced single-brake levers to control the front and rear brakes.
Retrofit gadgets. However, products such as hope that manufacture high-end brakes are really few in number. Actually, except
It can be provided to people who need it. For things like four-wheel or three-wheel recumbent vehicles, or some large cargo bikes
In games such as bicycle hockey, you need to control two brakes with one hand.

In detail, Tech 3 Duo is very unique. It is actually two independent oil cylinders, which are processed by a piece of hard aluminum alloy.
Cheng, from the side looks like two hydraulic brakes sticking back to back together. The advantage of this is that it can provide independent braking for the front and rear brakes, instead of like some modified parts, once the brakes will start working at the same time, providing more possibilities.
And the brake lever can be placed alternately left and right, because the two-sided shape is the same, plus the brake handle can be removed and replaced, allowing the car
Hands have more options.

As you would expect, all of these dual handles are all manufactured at Hope headquarters in the UK, in addition to the complete set, you can also
Brake levers are purchased separately for use with existing calipers. Compatible with existing two-piston X2, four-piston E4 and even
It is used with V4. If you only buy the brake part, it costs 230 euros, and other combinations from 335 to
380 Euros.

Well, after talking about the advantages of so many independently designed one-handed dual-brake handles, actually Hope has released a simplified version
Yes, it is a one-to-two connector, which can be used on existing brakes, and two cards can be controlled by a brake handle at the same time.
clamp. However, it is recommended to use it on the dual-piston version, and the strength of the front and rear brakes can only be balanced by different size discs.

No separate price has been announced for this modification, but the full price of the brakes with the modification is 250 Euros. in case
You are the target customer of Hope's product, so now you can start ordering, although it is expensive, but the choice is also very
Less, fortunately, the quality of Hope is still guaranteed.