Polyethylene spokes - Atomik Carbon and Berd jointly release the Ultimate series of carbon fiber whe

Polyethylene spokes - Atomik Carbon and Berd jointly release the Ultimate series of carbon fiber wheels

Atomik Carbon, a manufacturer of high-end carbon fiber wheels, announced that it has partnered with Berd Spokes to release the latest Atomik Carbon in parallel.
Ultimate Berd wheel set. The Atomik Carbon Ultimate mountain/gravel wheel set is super lightweight, starting at 1200 grams per pair. Offered in conjunction with Berd Spokes
The super-satisfying riding experience and the shock absorption and precision of the Atomik Carbon carbon fiber rims make the Ultimate wheel ride quality beyond your imagination.
Berd spokes are usually only white, but are limited to a limited edition black mounted on the Atomik Carbon Ultimate wheel set. Atomik Carbon's exclusive color is also
Includes red, blue, orange and olive green.

Berd's patented spokes are "the lightest spokes in the world" and are made of UHMWPE (material for body armor). This kind of first
The advanced molecular material has excellent damping properties, which can minimize vibration and impact. Compared to traditional steel spokes, Berd has 12 times more products.
The strength/weight ratio has an extremely long service life.

“We are very shocked by the quality of this wheel, especially when it comes to hard tail cars and full hard gravel cars. We have never thought of a way to
This significantly enhances the damping of carbon fiber wheels, especially those equipped with HDP Foamcore. Steel spokes seem to be customary, we don’t even
It has been considered for other types of spoke materials, as well as the role of new materials in reducing weight, improving wheel performance and riding quality, until now. ”——
Atomik Carbon co-founder Wayne Lee

In addition to the smooth ride, every part of the Atomik Carbon Ultimate wheel has good rigidity and precision, and these aspects are not lost.
Give traditional steel spokes. Each pair of wheels is sold for $1,699, which is extremely affordable and offers excellent performance. Under normal circumstances, a single pair of wheels is required
The price of Berd spokes has reached $600.
Like other Atomik Carbon wheels, the Ultimate model is also handmade. Just don't use traditional spokes, Berd spokes require a lot of manpower
Most of the hubs require a bevel and sanding process, as well as a triple tension adjustment step, with a 24-hour "relaxation time" to allow Berd spokes.
UHMWPE materials can be naturally relaxed to 50% and then re-tensioned. After the third tension causes the spokes to reach the maximum length, relax to 25%
the above.